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The Universe Hates You...

...probably. I mean, we're all pretty much clueless, aren't we? Does she like me? Will she call back? Why didn't she call back?? Should I take this job? Are my cells conspiring against me, and will I somehow "survive" beyond my predetermined biological expiration (barring death by stomping elephant or falling into a murderous, poorly covered cesspool). Why are we here? Why does this matter?

Hello? HELLO, I SAID!!!

Right. No answers.

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The Players


Tiras Buck

Writer/composer, all vocals and synths, and slow to-decide producer.


Brett Kull

Electric/acoustic guitar, bass, recording engineer, mixing, mastering, producing, hugging.


Mike Wexler

Drums and percussion.

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Cover Art by the Late Zack Dolan

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Zack's anime-inspired style was EXACTLY what I was looking for (because I wanted something resembling a gleaming, giant super-robot sharing headspace, literally, with yours truly). Why a giant super-robot? Because it's part of the empowering sci-fi white noise swirling in my psyche, and 50 towering feet of atomic-powered strength that, when properly inspired, may finally guide me to something resembling success. Still waiting patiently for that transformation...

Zach is no longer with us, but please support the independent comic bock company he founded by heading over to Unlikely Heroes Studios (which, unfortunately, may be withering away in something comparable to hospice care).


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