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Tiras Buck - Writer, Editor, Outside the Box Ideator

(And occasional singer/songwriter)

I've strategized, created, edited, and dramatically resurrected copious copy in the form of robust (but silly) product descriptions, marketing-adjacent content pieces, niche-focused storytelling, industry-relevant blogs and articles, exhaustive gift lists, less irritating email campaigns, and personable, not-at-all-pushy newsletters.

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Below, you'll find selections from several projects encompassing various professions and interests, expressed with exuberance across various online platforms and tangible, in-hand media.

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The Ark of Music - Music Reviewer

I write thoughtful and engaging reviews for emerging and renowned independent artists. As a music lover and creator, I employ keen insights into the musician's fragile creative/performance mindset, allowing me to discern meaning beyond the average superficial analysis. Below is a selection of more recent reviews.


Brute De Forge - Writer/Editor

Targeting a modern, burgeoning blacksmithing culture, I create and edit articles conveying the fantastic histories of fictional weapons. Check out a selection of artcles below. 

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Adventure Drinkware - Content Manager and Copywriter

I conceived of and executed a deep, multi-level content/copywriting strategy relying heavily on storytelling and lore building. This resulted in an immersive fantasy narrative revolving around "The Adventure Box" -- a fantasy/D&D-inspired subscription gift box.

The website is no longer active (maybe we'll revisit in the future), but I included a slow scroll of the home page and various copy assets, including playable character sheets, item descriptions, character biographies, general website copy, and basic newsletter formats (with the purpose of providing copy and instruction to graphic designers). Enjoy!

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Plausible Reliability - Comic Book Movie Theories, Speculation, and Quite Nearly Fan-Fiction

Plausible Reliability was a website focusing on theories and speculation surrounding modern comic book movies and television series. The site is no longer present (damn it!), but I managed to save most of my published final drafts. 

Wondering if the forthcoming Daredevil: Born Again series will reflect the comic's mature and tragic content? Wondering if Deadpool will save the Marvel Cinematic Universe with a mostly empty colostomy bag? Read on, True Believer!

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Amity Digital - Co-owner, Project Manager, Content Manager, and Copywriter 

As co-owner of a website/digital marketing firm, my responsibilities included Project Management, Content Management, Copywriting, and Editing. In the realm of content/copy, my tasks/projects included strategizing and implementing website copy, product descriptions, content marketing pieces (articles and blogs), newsletters, email campaigns, pamphlet copy, and social media posting/management.

Although the Amity Digital website is no longer live and most final assets lost, I saved a good number of published works in various docs (including final copy and instruction, they were ultimately passed along to other creatives to complete the task/project).

The first item is a slowly scrolling recording of the Amity Digital homepage (I wrote 95% of the entire website and edited/uplifted the rest). 

The second item presents text from one of many newsletters; it focuses on Local SEO, new websites, and an automated reputation management system.

The third item, one of many social media posts during our tenure with Colebrookdale Railroad.

The fourth item, one of many cold outreach email campaigns; this particular campaign offered web design services to print shop owners.


The fifth, the outside copy and design for one of many trifold pamphlets.

The sixth, a scroll-through of Although no longer an active endeavor, I strategized with web designers and graphic designers to develop the website, and formulated/created all copy.

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The Elder Geek - Gift List Writer/Editor

I was contracted to write several exhaustive gift lists stuffed with concisely described products based on world-renowned pop culture properties. Below are a few favorites.  

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Superherostuff - Written Content Manager

As the Written Content Manager for a website selling superhero-themed, geek-aligned merchandise -- and creating/maintaining the brand's somewhat eclectic and endearing voice -- I wrote oh-so-many wondrous, characteristically wacky content pieces, including hundreds (literally, HUNDREDS!) of moderately silly (but very informative) product descriptions, website pages supporting SEO and digital marketing efforts, newsletters, and packaging copy for exclusive physical products. Check out a few examples below... 

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The Source (i.e., Source Material) - Editor-in-Chief

The Source, an extension of the Superherostuff brand, is a news/reviews entertainment website focusing on the latest comic books, movies, sci-fi, and assorted, gratuitous geekery.

As Editor-in-Chief, I wrote over 1200 articles and edited several thousand more. Managing a staff of 5-7 writers, we focused on the above subjects as well as breaking news, retail promotions, ridiculous listicles, insightful editorials, and timely, search-friendly content. Superherostuff and The Source were sold in 2018, and The Source nearly abandoned; however, a lot of my work still remains [insert crossed fingers emoji HERE].


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